Roughly one year ago, after swearing off Overwatch due to the toxicity inherent in team based game play, I finally bowed to pressure from my oldest teen and gave Uprising a try during the final three days of the event. Suffice to say, I was hooked, and it was enough to bring me back to the game. I was compelled to learn how to become the best Mercy player I possibly could be, and eventually that path would lead me to Symmetra and other heroes until I finally decided I wanted to be a Tracer main.

This year the event is known as Retribution, but along with the brand new PVE campaign comes the old Uprising campaign as well. I am finding that compared to Uprising, Retribution is less difficult, but also less repetitive and more interesting. That said, after the initial excitement to play an event I've been waiting to play for a whole year wore off, my current reception to the experience can be best summed up with, "meh".

Could it be that I'm getting tired of Overwatch as a whole? Wouldn't that be ironic?

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