I'm not sure who first told me that tastes change as you get older, but at that time I assumed it meant that I someday I wouldn't hate mustard with a passion (I actually like it now in small amounts). I never thought it would also mean that someday I would prefer the Fallout universe to the Star Wars universe, but maybe that says something about the life I've led so far. This is not a small statement to make - I used to be a huge fan of the Star Wars films, novels, comics and video games, but something changed the older I got. I just don't find Star Wars as intriguing as I once did.

Fallout was introduced to me by my oldest daughter, who after spending a significant amount of time playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on her XBox 360, requested a copy of Fallout 3 for her system. We gladly obliged because she's always willing to help out around the house, and has been a huge part of keeping things running smoothly for the past few years. My initial take on the Fallout games was that they were too dark and moody for me to ever be interested, so I only idly inquired about how she enjoyed it every now and again, and stopped to watch her play a few times in the midst of taking care of chores and the like.

With the hullabaloo surrounding the release of Fallout 4, I decided maybe it was worth giving Fallout 3 a chance. This was a few Thanksgivings ago, so I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday Steam sale that was going on that week, and purchased a copy of the Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition for a very reasonable price.

Fallout 3 Billboards

I remember as everyone else slept in that Thanksgiving morning I whiled away the hours, exploring the early portions of the game after escaping from Vault 101, talking with the denizens of the town of Megaton and just trying to figure out how to make my way in the world. It would be the first of many forays into the D.C. Wasteland, and in a very short amount of time Fallout 3 became one of my top five favorite video games ever.

Radiation Sign

Today I would classify Fallout 3 as one of my favorite "comfort" games, meaning that I am so familiar with the mechanics of the game that I can easily play it as a relaxing distraction, rather than as something especially challenging or stressful. It's funny how a game that is all about exploring post apocolyptic America, set two hundred years after Washington D.C. was levelled by nuclear missiles in a fictional conflict between the US and China during an alternate timeline would one day become a way to cheer me up on a rough day, but here we are.

Willow requested a copy of Fallout 4 that Christmas, and we went ahead and gave her all of the DLC for her birthday the following month. Because the game needed a newer console and I already had an existing PC with the specs necessary to run it, I purchased the PC version of the game for her through Steam, partly as a self-serving gift (I'm terrible, I know). By this time I was already hooked on the Fallout universe, so to me it only made sense to save money by paying for one copy and sharing the game across our Steam accounts. Eventually I would find I liked the game so much that I needed a copy of my own (albeit without all of the DLC) so I could keep playing it while she was playing it or another Steam game on her account. Of course I was also going to start taking advantage of mods as well, but I did hold off at least until I had completed the main storyline one time.

Adventuring with Nick Valentine

With the recent reveal of Bethesda's latest foray into this universe, Fallout 76, I can honestly not contain my excitement. In fact, for Father's Day this year I requested a preorder copy and I've already registered for the Break-It Early Test Application (B.E.T.A.), with the anticipation that I'm going to eventually need to pick up another copy for my oldest in time for Thanksgiving. I find it particularly appropriate that the launch date is November 14th, considering that I started my time in the Fallout universe during a Thanksgiving holiday. Here's hoping that the PC beta period starts soon. Who knows, maybe it will launch during the Fourth of July holiday? Either way, I just can't wait.!

Bethesda's Launcher

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