So even though I had my previous rant about how Overwatch just isn't for me, I still can't seem to keep away from playing, although I have been avoiding competitive matches and have stuck with either quick play or arcade mode. This morning I had the pleasure of experiencing one of those little things that make Overwatch fun.

I noticed few people I had friended were online, and the ones that were had already gotten themselves into some matches so I decided to see what was available under "Find a Group". Every available QuickPlay group had restricted classes, so I decided to make my own "Chill Friday AM QP, mics preferred, no restrictions" group. Even though restrictions were disabled I defined two support roles, two tank roles, one damage role and one flex. I then selected one of the support roles and activated the group.

It began filling up almost immediately and within a minute we were ready to queue up for QuickPlay. While waiting for our match, the usual morning banter ensued, and one of the players said something but I missed it, because I heard the distinct sound of Tracer's voice. In hindsight I wish I had recorded the match, but at the time I was just delighted. "Do I hear Tracer's voice actress in our group?" I asked, and received confirmation from the other players. The player in question did not respond, so I asked, "I hope I didn't offend you, because you really do sound exactly like Tracer."

"Why would I be offended?" she asked, with the same perfect voice, perfect accent, as if we had in fact queued up with Cara Theobold, and instead of speaking prerecorded voice lines was just having normal pre-match dialogue like anyone else would.

The player in question ended up selecting Mercy, and in response I couldn't help myself and chose Tracer from the menu. This elicited a few laughs from the rest of the team, and we commenced our attack on objective A of Hollywood.

This is not the first time that I have queued up with players who sound identical to heroes in the game over voice comms. Whether it is in fact the actual voice actors seems unlikely, although there have been cases where Matthew Mercer (McCree) and Crispin Freeman (Winston) have played matches and used their character voices over voice communication during the match.

I have played with someone who sounded nearly identical to Soldier 76, and another player who could have easily passed for D.Va throughout the match. Most of the time people attempt a rough approximation of hero voices and come close to pulling it off, but usually it's a pale imitation of the original.

Today was a great way to start the day, playing a round of Overwatch with a teammate who sounded exactly like my favorite hero. After they had left the match (but not before accepting my friend request) I let them know that they had made my morning. "Yw" was her response.