Queue up again, and again, and again, and there's this bizarre little place for most of the population who play Overwatch known as Elo hell.  After twelve seasons of competitive Overwatch, multiple changes to heroes that impact the meta of the game and therefore shuffling around various heroes from the position of "viable" to "not viable", the ability to report players who throw matches, cheat or troll, the addition of new maps, minor changes to existing ones, the addition of slowed respawn rate on two capture-point maps when most of the attacking team is on the objective, the new option to "find a group" and much much more, at its root Overwatch's competitive mode is still a broken mess.

Based on the toxicity inherent in such a game mode, I tended to stay away and spent the majority of my play time in quick play mode, which is unfortunately not a good way to learn how to play competitive mode properly.  The only way to learn how to play competitive mode is to play competitive mode, but this also inherently leads to the aforementioned Elo hell.  When you are pushed down into a rank lower than your placements due to the poor coordination, lack of communication, poor hero choices, bad team fight engagements, inability to control the map and so forth, you have a very difficult time climbing out of that rank because you consistently lose more matches than you win.

There was a period earlier in the history of competitive mode where it might be possible to climb by picking certain heroes that had more sustain and were better in a team fight. Ironically, with the addition of "find a group" and the fact that solo queue players are no longer given any sort of assistance to offset the problems with trying to coordinate with a team of strangers each match, this is no longer true.  You have to team up with players who know how to play the game to climb, at least in the lower ranks of competitive Overwatch.  Unfortunately, those players are usually not found in the lower ranks, unless they are playing on a smurf account (in which case they will usually be placed at a higher Elo within about 10 matches or so based on their skilled gameplay).

My journey into competitive mode started several seasons back where I placed in high Silver, climbed to Gold and stopped playing competitive due to the toxicity I experienced during matches.  The few seasons afterward I placed in Gold again up until I decided to give the new reporting system and "find a group" a chance, and found to my dismay that while "find a group" does make it possible to create a balanced team by enforcing roles, it takes away the flexibility of a team to choose another hero outside of that role (when enforced roles is enabled), and does nothing to actually help the team coordinate with each other.  You can't force a player to speak into a microphone, any more than you can force them to choose one of the more viable heroes from the role they selected.  On the off chance that you end up in a group without roles enforced, what typically happens is someone chooses a role and never actually plays that role, effectively throwing the match.

Over the course of multiple seasons, repeated bad matches, the betrayal of my system by locking up twice during a competitive match costing me 100 SR (skill rating) points and my own bad decisions, I am now back in the Bronze tier for the second time.  I briefly escaped Bronze with the assistance of a skilled player on a smurf account, but at this point I don't see that happening again.  Even though the match maker is supposed to ensure that players of roughly equal skill are facing each other, what actually happens is players of roughly equal SR are matched up instead.  Unfortunately, all SR indicates is how often you win with your team.

It could be argued that if your SR is in Bronze tier it is because you choose bad heroes, you don't understand how to play the game, you are playing a hero you don't know how to play properly, your game sense is poor, you're not playing with your team, and so on.  However, I tend to play the support role, and pick heroes that I know have good survival abilities and staying power.  I've been playing a lot of Moira and Brigitte, and when the support roles are filled I'll play Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Mei and D.Va if another tank is needed.  I'm skilled enough to hold my own on these heroes.

Ultimately the only thing I can do is try to get better at the game, and hope that some day I'll be lucky enough to have enough wins in a row to climb back into Gold, and maybe Platinum or above.  Unfortunately with the current state of the game, I don't see that happening anytime soon, and with Fallout 76 soon to enter B.E.T.A., there's a very good chance I'll have an excellent reason to stop playing this game entirely.  I opine that "comp" in Overwatch is short for "compulsive gambling", and even though you are gambling with skill rating points instead of money, the outcome is much the same.  In Overwatch, the House always wins (smurf accounts and loot boxes, what a time to be alive).