I was highly disappointed that Tracer has once again been overlooked during the Halloween event in terms of legendary or even epic skin cosmetics.  This year the only thing she received for the Halloween event was a single voice line, "Trick or treat."  This was not particularly satisfying for a Tracer main who also favors Halloween over every other holiday, Christmas included.

However, when I checked the current edition of the Junkenstein's Revenge arcade mode, I noted that Tracer is now available in the roster of heroes that can be selected before each match. This is something I had been wishing for during last Halloween event (and also during the Anniversary event when Junkenstein's Revenge was in the daily rotation in the arcade).

The part that really jumped out at me is when the background announcer, who dryly comments on the battle, announced Tracer as "The Will-o'-the-Wisp" when I finished off "The Monster" and "The Witch" during my initial fight.  Other heroes have previously been referred to as "The Soldier" (Soldier 76), "The Gunslinger" (McCree), "The Archer" (Hanzo), "The Alchemist" (Ana), "The Viking" (Torbjörn), "The Countess" (Widowmaker), "The Monk" (Zenyatta), "The Swordsman" (Genji) and alongside Tracer, there is a new hero "The Shieldmaiden" (Brigitte).

I honestly can't be happier about Tracer's nickname - it speaks volumes about the hero and is also among my favorite Irish folk lore stories (the following excerpt is from Ask About Ireland):

In many accounts recorded in the National Folklore Collection, the Will-o’-the-wisp is said to lead people astray, and the tradition may have been associated with real incidents of people going missing on bogs, or bodies found in bogs, as recorded in the following legends from the National Folklore Collection: Jacky the Lantern.

Just enough spooky for my Halloween.  Thank you Blizzard, carry on.