Fallout 76 seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, but at the end of the day the following still applies:

  1. It's always online and therefore has latency (also known as "lag")
  2. I'm not having fun playing Fallout 76

The reasons I find Fallout 76 not fun to play are difficult to pinpoint. The lack of NPCs is a big problem that Bethesda claims will be addressed in an update coming out later this year. The weapons don't behave the way I would prefer they do. Fights are not enjoyable. The majority of the quests are a bit boring. The character building necessary to complete the main storyline is not particularly immersive. But it doesn't really matter, and I know the problem exists because I can fire up Fallout 4, which I have already beaten multiple times, and still continue to find a significant amount of enjoyment playing that game, especially when compared to the newer (and theoretically superior) Fallout 76.

Currently I am enjoying playing Fallout 4 with the "Normal" difficulty setting.  I have previously beaten the core game and DLC on the "Survival" difficulty setting, the highest possible difficulty in the game. While survival can be fun, I find it interferes with certain aspects of gameplay that adds a level of frustration and reduces the amount of risk taking one might ordinarily take because the penalty is a significant amount of lost time redoing something that was already done.

Possibly a certain amount of enjoyment comes from the "welcome home" feeling the game offers via the various NPCs, most especially the companions.  In general, however, I feel that Fallout 4 is superior, if for no other reason than Fallout 76 was a rushed attempt to bolt multiplayer on top of Fallout 4 with insufficient development and testing to ensure the final product was solid.  I would still consider Fallout 76 a beta product, and though I am aware that it has a dedicated set of players who continue to play, the recent addition of a Battle Royale mode doesn't exactly inspire my confidence that Bethesda knows what it's doing with this game.

Currently, my favorite game to love and simultaneously hate is Overwatch. Although in its fourth year, the game still holds a significant amount of challenge and reward for the time I put into learning the heroes.  I still consider Tracer my favorite hero of the game, but unfortunately I am not skilled enough to overcome the shortcomings of my teammates in many of my matches, therefore I find myself most often taking on the role of main tank. In particular I find Orisa to be one of the most rewarding main tanks in the current hero roster, and have been able to carry my team to victory more often than not when I choose her at the outset.

The recent announcement of role queue has significantly revitalized my interest in the game, and I'm looking forward to see how competitive mode is impacted by these changes.  Also we have a new hero incoming with probably the most compelling background story of any Overwatch hero introduced thus far.  Ultimately, however, I am looking forward to hearing about Overwatch 2, which will most likely be announced sometime during the next Blizzcon in November.  Until then I will most likely be spending a lot of time improving my game.

See you online.  Wyrdsmyth#1525 signing off.