Let's start off with a few caveats before digging in. I have never met Juan O Savin. Before January, I was unaware he existed. Thanks to the tireless research of my best friend I was given a great opportunity to start listening to what this genius has to say. That said, my interpretations are my own, and they are likely to have a wide margin of error. Do not under any circumstances assume that my interpretations are correct. You really need to listen, read and then come to your own conclusions.

I highly recommend watching this video before continuing reading below. It's okay, the read can wait. The video below is actually more important than my post.

Okay, under the presumption that you watched the entire video from start to finish, and you're now ready to continue reading, I need you to do the following first.

Stand up.

Take a break...go get some water or a snack or use the bathroom or look out the window and check out the real world out there or something. Don't forget to breath.

If you didn't already make a snack, popcorn isn't a bad idea.

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When you're ready, come back and let's take a dig into these revelations.

Juan O Savin

First of all, why the heck should anyone believe anything that Juan O Savin says is even remotely true? What if this guy is just pulling the wool over EVERYONE'S eyes right now? Clearly, Juan O Savin isn't even this guy's real name! He never shows his face on camera!

If you need more convincing, and you're willing to break out a search engine (probably DuckDuckGo because by now, no doubt, Google is hiding anything that has anything to do with Juan O Savin by default) go see what other videos you can find that have Juan O Savin in them. If it's still up, I recommend watching the following one too while you're at it. You don't need to do this NOW, I just recommend it to get a better idea of who Juan is, so you can judge his character by hearing him speak even more at length.

(If the video below gets taken down by YouTube, the title is "The Called - Makings of Perfect Day" and it may still be available to watch on Rumble or BitChute and I may eventually provide a download link to an archived copy).

Things to bear in mind:

  • Juan has stated that you will not find him on Twitter, or any other social media platforms
  • Juan does not have his own YouTube channel or channel on other video platforms
  • Juan seems to be willing to talk to just about anyone and at length

Why do I trust Juan?

  • If you watch any of the archived live streams where Juan gets asked questions by people who call in, you may have already realized that every time someone with very outlandish claims calls in, he is very patient with their questions, even if he starts answering the question before they're finished asking it.
  • The reason he starts answering is because he's already picked up on their emotions.
  • They're worried he's gonna tell them they're crazy.
  • He knows they are worried.
  • He knows they want him to tell them that they're not crazy.
  • So he does in the gentlest, most patient and kindest way imaginable that also makes it clear to everyone else on the call that they (the caller) is not crazy.

If I had to make a list of people on the planet right now who might possibly be the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Juan O Savin would be at the top of that list. I say this with zero intention of committing blasphemy, so please forgive me if I offend.  I'm not claiming that I'm right, nor am I saying you should worship Juan O Savin. I believe he is a human prone to making mistakes, the same as all of us. I'm just saying overall, I trust him. I trust him significantly more than I trust Simon Parkes, for example, and I've been paying close attention to what Simon has to say of late.

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Now that we have that out of the way, let's dig into the nitty gritty.

The AI

This is something I did not realize was as big a problem as what Juan describes during the video with Michael Jaco. It was foolish of me; here I am prattling on about how we have these smart phones, tablets and other tidbits of technology that were science fiction only a decade or two ago, and in the meantime the reality is that the backstory of the Terminator film series has already been underway. The only difference is that our side has AI as well.

I thought it was bad actors (human beings) who were busy stealing everyone's data, and then engaging in specific acts of privacy violations, crime, fraud and more with the help of scripts or various bits of automated program tech. It never once occurred to me that AI is behind everything.

So what big takeaway should we get from this revelation?

First step, those of you who are still fighting the good fight on AI infiltrated social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook need to use memes to convey your message. It confuses the AI; they do not necessarily understand the subtext.

Second, this meme needs to be adhered to 100%:

Don't Reply to Shills

The negative replies you receive on these social media platforms, if by someone you don't know, are almost certainly AI driven bots.  This is obvious when the account in question is very new, they have only a few followers, and they tend to spout similar phrases that you may have seen elsewhere on that platform. They are trying to provoke an emotional response. The social media platform wants you to have an emotional response so it can 1) identify you as an enemy and 2) de-platform you.

If you don't engage, they don't know. My Twitter account (thus far) somehow survived the 70k social media platform purge. I believe one of the reasons for this is that I have been actively ignoring, muting or blocking negative comments without engaging. If I do engage, it's usually to mock the poor quality of the bot in question (so to a certain degree, yes I was aware there were AI bots, but I just assumed they were deployed by script-kiddies in some Chinese warehouse for pennies an hour).

The bigger picture is this - this is not just a Digital War.  This is an AI War, and the engagements are occurring at light speed.  We cannot possibly keep up with this, we are only human, and the safest bet is to just get out of the way and seek higher, safer ground.  Again, do not engage.

An even more important takeaway is this: the number of humans using the internet to profess their support for Joe Biden is significantly smaller than you think. The number of radical left members of BLM and Antifa is much smaller than it appears. The conservatives have a significant advantage in sheer numbers, and that is why the left is so rabid. They understand that they have all the odds stacked against them, and that's why they keep lying and cheating to defeat those odds.

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The Inauguration

You knew I was going to get to this, I bet. This is an especially bitter pill to swallow, because up until the point that I actually watched this video I did not understand what the title "Juan says Biden will be sworn in but we will prevail. Take a deep breath and trust God." even meant. I was literally blindsided by this. That's not good, and I admit it because none of us can afford to have our blinders on right now or we are going to run into problems with holding the line and staying on the high ground, metaphorically, morally and spiritually.

But as Juan said some of the viewers already understood that this is necessary. In retrospect, Juan was right - not only do I understand that it is necessary now, I understood it was going to be necessary weeks ago.

Here is the quandary that we are now in. If Juan O Savin's declaration that 80% of the American people who legally voted, cast their vote for President Donald J. Trump to continue as President of the United States of America for the next four years, then approximately 100 million people (or more) cast their vote for Trump.

The total US population is over 325 million people.  Approximately 250 million of those people are old enough to vote. Even taking into account that a portion of those 250 million people cannot legally vote, at the bare minimum, perhaps as much as 50% of the United States voter population did not vote for Donald J Trump.

More importantly, the majority of that 50% did not vote for Biden either. They abstained from voting for either President. In addition, a greater portion of this 50% who also abstained are liberals, but there are some conservatives in there as well.

This is a significant problem. It is a problem because President Donald J. Trump cannot serve as the President of the We the People of the United States of America when close to a third of our population is convinced that Joe Biden legitimately won the election. Not only that, but these same people believe that their liberal friends, neighbors and family members voted for Joe Biden, when in fact they actually voted for Donald Trump!

You need to take into consideration that peer pressure still impacts people as adults. If that were not true, masking citizens in almost every state in the union would not be nearly as successful as it has been thus far, especially when most of us now realize that continuously wearing a mask is more likely to make you sick, either from COVID-19 or from some other bacterial infection. If you perceive your neighbors are Biden supporters, then you are not going to tell them you voted for Trump for fear of judgement and reprisals. The reality is, for a lot of them, even if they also voted for Trump, they would still reactive negatively if you admitted it.

The main stream media has poisoned us. Social media has made this poison even that much more toxic, with the use of AI bots to indirectly influence how people think or communicate. We have been continuously fed a stream of lies that our current POTUS is an evil man, he is filled with greed, envy and spite, he has sold us out to another country, he has committed great crimes, he is racist, and much much worse.


Twenty four hours a day.

Three hundred sixty five days a year for OVER FOUR YEARS.

Most people cannot just immediately come to the realization that they've been gaslighted when it has been an ongoing, continuous process for so long. They cannot be told the truth and be expected to just accept it. I'm sure most of you have tried this and, with the exception of a few critical thinkers who actually bother to take the time to do their own research, the normal response is not a positive one.

There is only one way that most of these voters who abstained can be brought to fully understand exactly how bad things have gotten. They need to experience the pain. Until they fully understand exactly how bad things have become in the United States of America, until they comprehend how deep the swamp truly is, until they experience the suffering of fascist dictatorship firsthand, until they fully respect how terrible socialism and communism can actually be, they will not realize the truth.

For some of these people there is simply no hope. You will never be able to convince them. The good news is they are the absolute minority of our American people.

But for those who didn't realize that their liberal friends, neighbors and family actually voted for Trump for the same reason that they themselves voted for Trump, this will be a clarion wake up call. They will start to dig, they will start to listen. When they finally understand, they will also be angry. They won't listen to the main stream media anymore, once they realize they have been lied to for years.

The backlash will be amazing to behold.

The fact that God has already come to this struggle is even more amazing. You see it more and more every day. People who were before not even considering the possibility of saying a prayer are saying prayers for complete strangers. There is a spiritual revival already underway in the United States of America, the likes of which has never before been seen.

For weeks now I've been trying to solve this dilemma, the dilemma of how to actually restore unity to the American people without some form of civil war. To me, what Juan is suggesting is absolutely the best possible course of action our country can take to minimize violence and bloodshed.

Up until I heard this video, I was deeply concerned that our POTUS expected a foreign invasion to successfully capture some part of the United States of America, and that this event was going to be the source of pain to initiate the great awakening. I cannot 100% dismiss this as a possibility, but I think the likelihood that such a thing will occur is extremely small, knowing what I know about our military.

Remember, Juan never said that President Donald J. Trump would concede to Joe Biden and his fake inauguration. What he did say was that President Trump will never surrender the codes to the missiles.

The 2020 Presidential Debate (IG: @clay.banks)
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So Now What?

Now we wait. Those of you who voted for President Trump on or before November 3rd, 2020, have already done your duty. The good guys know who won the United States Presidential election last year. In your heart of hearts, you know who won too, otherwise you probably wouldn't be here right now still reading this.

Another hundred million of your fellow citizens are in the exact same place as you, they all know who won the election in 2020. They know there was a massive amount of corruption that went into ensuring Joe Biden gets sworn in. If they lied about the tallies, if they lied about certifying the electors, if they lied about certifying the electoral college votes themselves, what would possibly prevent them from about lying yet again to certify a fake President? You already know the answer to that question.

In the meantime, we don't do anything except wait. We reassure our friends, family and neighbors who we know also voted for Trump that all will be well. We let our true POTUS do what he needs to do and we do not interfere. We allow our brave men and women in the military keep our great country safe. We do not submit to the insanity. We say no to anyone who tries to push their false reality upon us. We remain certain in our basic human rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

All the evidence has been collected and secured. Things are in motion already, and have been for several days. This fake election will not stand. As Juan said, " You have to have confidence in America." You have to have confidence in your neighbor, in your friends, in your family. "I've got your six," is not just a cute phrase. It's time for us to act like Americans again.

In another video Juan mentioned that he has numerous running bets that Donald J. Trump will be sworn in for his second term by April 1st, 2021. Everyone who he has made this bet with will owe him a meal, the next time he comes to visit. The way he put it, with absolute certainty, was that he doesn't expect to have to buy himself dinner again for at least a full year.

I believe him.

This is a long video, and there was a lot covered that I haven't even scratched upon yet, and there's a good chance there's more than enough fodder for additional posts on this website. Watch it again. I guarantee there's something you missed while you were shocked by the statement about the Biden inauguration.

Peace be with you.

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